Company Overview

Tri Web Works was founded in northern California in the beginning of 2015 by Joseph Fleck and James Thorpe. Tri, meaning "three" represents the different forms of business we conduct. Our "Web" line of business gives small businesses everything they need to start a web presence without having to do all the work. From Yelp, to Facebook, to having their own webpage. Tri Web Works give a professional apearence to successfully market any business. our middle triangle represents our flagship business of mobile device repair (No longer servicing) at a price that won't leave you wondering if it's worth it.
Our Future
We have a mission that far outreaches the standards of the everyday business practices. The future of our company is not only devoted to maintaining the good life, but we are pioneering a new age of business by thinking differently.

2015: We registered as a Limited Liability Company in March of 2015 and business took off from there. We stayed debt free through 2015 and continue to stay debt free through our development. Most of 2015 we focused on cell phone repair while developing the business marketing aspect of our business. We also got connected with a business attourney to assist us in legalities of the business.

2016: In 2016 we relocated to Hollywood California and reached out to the celebrity commmunity where we met Disney Channel star Hutch Dano and created a website campain for his abstract art project. That created a huge influx of traffic to our website as celebrities were promoting his website.

2017: This year we are expanding and continuing to grow in the successes of the last 2 years.